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Summer is Here!

With the summer season upon us everyone is getting out and about with their pets. Along with warmer temps Summer tends to bring about several other things we should use caution for in keeping our fur babies safe and healthy during the season. See below for some summer related topics that help keep everyone in your family safe and having a fantastic time.

Bugs Bite!

Now that we are in the full swing of summer biting bugs are fully awake. Now is the time to make sure you are stocked up on your heartworm, flea, and tick prevention for the season. We offer a full line of prevention that can be purchased both in-house and through our online pharmacy. If you are unsure of which product is best for your pet please don't hesitate to contact our office and one of our talented technicians can help you decide what will work best for your specific fur baby.

There is also no decrease in the number of stinging bugs like bees and wasps that we are seeing. If your pet does find him/herself in a bad situation remove the stinger, if possible, rinse the area with cool water and call our office for further assistance.

It's getting hot out here!

With warmer temperatures its easy to get over heated quickly. Be sure to offer plenty of cool water and a nice shady place to rest during outdoor activity. If you are worried that your pet may be experiencing a low level of heat intolerance it's time to discontinue your activity and get inside if possible. If you find yourself unable to go indoors, locate a nice tree with lots of shade and share a cold bottle of water. 

Plants, Plants, and more Plants.

We love a good flower as much as the next person but there are some plants that just aren't good for Fluffy and Fido! Lilies specifically are toxic when ingested by dogs, but even more so for cats. At minimum Lilies can cause GI upset to pets, but there are certain types that are more dangerous than others. Easter, Japanese, Stargazer, Casa Blanca, Tiger, Oriental Hybrids, and Daylilies all have the potential to lead to acute kidney injury. The most common signs to watch out for are vomiting, anorexia (not eating), and depression.

Thunderstorms and Fireworks Oh My!

During the summer we tend to experience higher numbers of thunderstorms due to the changing weather patterns. There are also lots of holidays that people enjoy fireworks. If your pet experiences phobias with these events see below for a list of things that can help:

  • Turn on a fan or noise machine to help soothe and drown out the scary sounds.

  • Make your pet a comfortable place in a closet or room on a bottom floor where the sound is decreased.

  • Utilize pet pheromone sprays, collars, or diffusers to help with calming (Adaptil and Feliway are great brands that can be purchased online).

And finially, if none of those help, we can prescribe medications that will take the edge off the phobia and allow your pet to rest during these stressful events.

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